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  • Good ground cover in bioactive

    Besides sphagnum moss, cork bark pieces, and magnolia leaves, what plants work well for ground cover? My geckos get UVB and LED lights, the white LEDs get switched to blue for a few hours in the evening. My sanseveria's are alive but not growing (which is fine), and the pothos is going great guns. But I would like some good small ground cover as well.
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    If you want the plants to grow properly, you need to use grow lights specifically designed for plant growth. NEHerp has a ton of information on good lighting options.

    Regarding small plants for ground cover, I've never had any success in crestie terrariums. Selaginella could possibly work but I find it needs more moisture than is good for cresties. In one of my vivs, I have Fittonia albivenis, which is a low grower, and it's doing OK, but it's not thriving like the taller plants.

    Wild cresties live in forests that don't have low-growing ground cover. Most of the plants in their habitat are woody (trees, shrubs). That said, I've had major success with Pilea spruceana and Maranta leuconeura, both of which are easy to find in big box stores and florists alike. They have both bloomed for me in a 24" cube viv. The Maranta in particular is a big hit with the gecko who has it in his tank -- he likes to sleep wrapped up in the leaves.
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      Callisia repens, Soleirolia, Fittonia, Selaginella, Ficus pumila,