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  • Drippers

    I am looking to find or make a good dripper for my Cuban false chameleon. I mist twice daily and he has a small water dish as well, but I know they prefer some kind of dripper system. Currently when I mist at night, I offer drops from the hand mister I use, and he drinks that way. The pet stores usually use the big boxy Little Drippers, but I don't like the looks of those in the tank, plus I don't feel comfortable hanging it from the screen top. I have him in an 18x18x36 bioactive. I also tried the Exo Terra dripper plant, but didn't have much luck with that either. I have a Magnaturals Dripper/ledge, but I find I can only put it in a back corner because of placement of the magnets (won't work in front as the front doors open), and if I put it in the back, it's too hard to pull it out daily to clean/refill in amongst all the foliage and vines I have in there. So - looking to see if anyone has come up with a homemade solution for a dripper.
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