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Can't maintain humidity!

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  • Can't maintain humidity!

    So I have a 12x12x18 Exo bioactive vivarium for my gecko. When I first started my setup, It took forever for the humidity to stay up. It wasn't until the drainage layer had a decent reservoir of water that the humidity maintenance levels were spot on. In addition to the substrate, the live plants, etc, everything is pretty ideal for maintaining humidity and I only have had to mist 1x every two days (the humidity would be at 80% and slowly drop to 55% by the end of the second day) for the past 11 months. However, as the weather is getting colder, I expected the humidity to drop, but it's been dropping very low very fast (80% to 22% within a few short hours). I find myself now misting the tank up to 3-4 times a day, seemingly dumping endless amounts of water. At first I assumed the reservoir in the drainage layer was depleted, but the problem persists despite addressing that issue. And I don't want to add too much more water and risk stagnant water rising from the drainage into the soil substrate. I tried covering up the most of the vents/screen top, while still allowing for adequate ventilation/air, but that hasn't helped either. Lastly, I have two devices that measure temp/humidity. One is from Exo and came with the setup. It is placed on the bottom right of the tank, which is directly under the light source from the respective top of the cage. This is the device that i've been referencing my dilemma and has been showing the massive drops in humidity. The second device is a cheap one I recently got from Petsmart that I probably should have placed in a similar location for comparison, but placed in the top left below the heat lamp which is shortly above at the top of the cage. For the most part, the two are in line in terms of temperature, but the second device tends to have higher humidity readings, but still low humidity readings in terms of where the levels should be. Any one have advice on what I should do?

    UPDATE: I have radiators in my apartment, which dry out the air and would explain the decreased humidity despite increase in temp. I'm planning on adding more plants/moss, but thoughts on getting a humidifier for my room?
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    Even a bioactive viv with a light on it will dry out quickly if it's that small. It's easier to maintain humidity in larger tanks.

    You could add a wide and flat water dish. I find that my geckos not only drink from theirs, but they'll also walk through the water when they feel like it, and the evaporation from the dish helps maintain humidity (which the plants also appreciate).
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      You can also add some sphagnum moss that has been soaked and slightly wrung out on top of your substrate - that holds water very well.
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        I know it's a smaller tank, but I haven't had these issues for the past year. I may get some sphagnum moss and try that!