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is fish water conditioner ok to use for reptiles?

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  • is fish water conditioner ok to use for reptiles?

    Hello to whoever is reading this! I didn't know exactly where to put this question, so I hope it's in the right place.
    I'm getting a crested gecko in a few weeks and am buying the stuff needed for its setup. I know I need water conditioner to detoxify tap water for use in their terrarium, I already have a fish and water conditioner that I use for its tank so I'm no stranger to using it. That got me thinking: could I use the fish water conditioner for the gecko, granted that the water conditioner doesn't have anything extra added (like stress coat or similar)? I'd be using the Seachem Prime if that makes any difference. My logic was that they do basically the same thing so they likely have similar ingredients. Is one in a higher concentration than the other or does one do more things than the other? I'd love some insight on whether this would be safe or not, or even just your speculations. I will definitely buy the advertised-for-reptiles water conditioner unless there is no doubt that it would be safe for the gecko, this is mostly me being curious as to whether it would work. Thank you for reading if you got this far, I know I'm rather long winded haha. Also apologies if this is a stupid question, I thought it would be worth asking or else it would keep nagging me.

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    I use ordinary tap water in my geckos' water dishes. 7 years in, no problems. Mind you, the tap water where I am is safe to drink. If the water where you are is not great to drink, what do you drink? Just give that to the gecko, whether it's filtered water or whatever.

    (I also have a fish tank and am familiar with water conditioner, but I don't think you need to worry about chlorine, etc. for your gecko. If you continue to be concerned about it, you can pour water from one cup to another a few times, let it sit overnight, then do it again the next day to aerate it again, and then give it to your gecko).

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      We just buy a 3-gal box of purified water at the grocery store - it costs about $2 total, and use that for water bowls and misting my geckos. It lasts a long time. We have well water and it has a lot of nitrates in it, so I use the purified. That has worked just fine.
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