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    I need some help please. I have a 65 gallon reptarium and have plastic chain with fake vines rapped oround them with cane sticks going through them in different ways. Originally set up for chameleon but saw a crestie and definitely changed my mind. I can't figure out how to put pics on here or i would. So do you guys and gals think i should change the setup. I would really like to have natural looking habitat but don't want to deal with real plants. i'm also wanting to get more cresties and possibly have some youngins. How many can you fit in a tank this size? Thanx for the help.

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    maybe you can fit 1 male and 4 females ? im not sure on that at all so dont take my wor don that but do take my word that if yoru gonna get younger cresteds then u should use a small kritter keeper or some other small enclosure so that they can find their food easier and less sterssful on them till theyre about.. lets say 15-16 grams or so. then u can introduce them to a more natrualistic bigger enclosure


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      if you want to post pics sign up for a free photobucket account and link them from there.
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        Yeah, small baby and juvinile cresties should be kept in 10 gallon or smaller. And you could fit maybe 1 male 3-4 females. Or just 4 females, i am not sure, but do not overcrowd your geckos because stress can occur.
        Photobucket is a really great photo hosting site.
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          Your crestie will really appreciate some live plants there are house plants that are very easy to care for basically just watering them, which you already do when your misting your gecko and some kind of light I don't remember the plants I have but their doing great I know pathos are really good for terrariums and non toxic.
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            65 is pretty big. (I have a hexagon that size)
            If it is rectangular, you could section it off to make a nice enclosure for multiple cresties, but you'd most likely have to disassemble the structure you mentioned.
            Definitely could fit a harem in that big of an enclosure... Bullying would be a concern though.

            Recommend that size only for adults though. Kritter keepers and plastic bins are inexpensive and easy to clean if you start with juvies.


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