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Keeping herps in garage?

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  • Keeping herps in garage?

    I really want my bedroom back lol. Has anyone else converting a garage/ shed to a rep room? I was thinking of using the work room in my garage as a herp room. Right now it is an uninsulated room with sheetrock and a concrete floor. My plan was to just nail 1 inch thick foam insulation boards onto the sheet rock into the studs, and cover the floor with insulation boards, and then add a layer of plywood or something to walk on. For the winter months, I was planning on getting a radiator. The room only has two outlets, and I was also hoping to get a few more put in. Does this sound like a good plan? In the winter it can get pretty cold, like -6 celsius (20 F). Are there any better options out there? And does anyone have a good example I can follow? Thanks!

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    One inch foam may not be sufficient to retain heat. It will also melt if your heater ever comes into contact with it. Better to remove the sheetrock and install fiberglass insulation, or blow cellulose into the walls.
    Insulating the floor is much less critical. I would install a floating LVP floor with an attached pad. This would give you comfort, reasonable durability, and would look decent.
    An oil filled electric heater is probably your most reliable and safest option.
    Regarding outlets- in a herp room, there is no such thing as too many,