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    Hi I am new here also new to reptiles well lizards anyway. We just got a baby leopard gecko, baby crested gecko and baby bearded dragon. I want to buy worms and stuff for them to eat and be able to buy a few weeks supply so I am not constantly going to the pet store. It says that most of them can be stored at 5O-60 degrees F. They suggested a wine cooler but I was curious as to what others use to keep them at lower temps. Any advice would be nice. Thank you.

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    I keep my insects mid-upper 70's. However, I culture most of my own, rather than merely storing them.
    I don't know exactly what insects you plan on using, but the only one that I work with that might benefit from being kept cool is the mealworm. Not that cool temps are better, but at cool temps they won't pupate. Mealworms aren't great feeders anyway. Superworms, dubia, and crickets are better feeders, but they don't do well in cool temps.


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      I keep my dubia roaches and superworms at room temperature, and mealworms and waxworms in the refrigerator. Make sure you get the correct type of insects. Mealworms can be hard for cresties to digest, but they are fine for leos and beardies. And if they are all babies, they will need very small size insects - basic rule of thumb is no bigger than the space between their eyes. And don't forget that you need to feed the insects too!
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