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Curious if anyone knows what these are

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  • Curious if anyone knows what these are

    Hey all, I have been lurking around these forums for quite sometime just reading and gaining information. So thank you for that it has helped tremendously. I recently built my tank about a month and a half ago and it has been doing great. My springtail colony has blown up but my Isopods died off so I ordered some more. I added them to the tank about 2 weeks ago but now I am noticing little white worms in the substrate. I am now wondering what these little white worms are that have been introduced into my tank. I assume they hitched a ride with my new isopods. Any help would be greatly appreciated. not sure if they are FF larva, Nematodes, nemerteans or fungus gnat larva. Will they hurt or bother my Crested or plants? I would just like to know if I should CO2 bomb the tank and start fresh or if everything is alright.

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    Thank you ahead of time for any advice.