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  • Mealworm bedding

    Hi all,
    So after watching lots of videos on YouTube, I learned that wheat bran might be the best bedding for mealworms. And I literally drove to some of the nearest feed stores and it turned out that none of them had wheat bran.

    So Iím thinking if itís okay to use whole oats. I tried to find if they had rolled oats and they didnít have that neither. The closest thing they have is whole oat. And I donít like to pay $30 shipping fee to buy a $15 bag of wheat bran online. So please help. I live in south bend, IN. If there are any one who happen to know where I can get wheat bran near it, Iíd really also appreciate that. Thanks!!


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    Was there anything in your research that suggested not using chick starter? I have used chick starter for the past 25 years or so, and raised countless generations of seemingly healthy feeder insects with it. It is also widely available at any farm store.


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      Here are some options on Amazon:
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        I don't know that plain wheat bran is the best gutload, though most suppliers provide their mealworms in wheat bran. I think you can probably find all this stuff at the grocery store: get some rolled oats (don't get quick oats that make instant oatmeal, get the "old fashioned" kind), wheat germ/bran (I'll bet they have one of them even in South Bend!), corn meal. Put the rolled oats in the blender to powder them and mix it all together.