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  • What about online games?

    Hello! I would like to know if there are people like playing online games. Please, write your favorite game and tell us why you like it) I just wonder)
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    I have an extensive list of favorite games. I play when I am bored and exhausted by my workload. I also love playing fetch with beagle, so that he won't dare to bury his dog toys again.
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      I like Minecraft. It's the most awesome sandbox ever. They also have a pocket edition to play on Android devices. The game is just gorgeous despite the blocky graphics. There is also a big amount of mods for it. Here is the review of one of those mods which I like most. It's Pokemon-based and those creatures from the series look really stunning in Minecraft.


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        Yes, I love to play some online games on FIFA!!
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          very interesting!