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  • 200 Word MICRO-FICTION

    Here is my 200 word micro-fiction story! I hope you guys like it! (I am a girl, just writing from a guys perspective. Ha ha ha.)
    My word I received when we drew from a basket was crisp. We had to incorporate the word we got into our story.

    Girl of My Dreams

    It was a cold day for September. The crisp leaves crunched underfoot.
    He was walking along the sidewalk when he spotted her.
    She was beautiful, with auburn hair flowing down her shoulders. Her blue eyes had a gray tint. She was buried inside a novel and didn’t even bother to look up as he sat down next to her on the park bench.
    Her brow was furrowed, he almost laughed to himself as she wrinkled her nose. Whatever she was reading must be good.
    He asked her what she was reading.
    She answered, setting down her book.
    He made small talk with her slowly working up the nerve to ask her out to lunch.
    He was about to ask her when suddenly she gasped and fell to the ground.
    He turned her over the now limp body to find his hands covered in blood from a seeping wound in her chest. He looked to the direction it had come.
    He spotted a silhouetted figure, with a gun, aiming towards its’ next target.
    He was about to call for help but felt himself falling, everything was going hazy.
    He only heard the crunch of the crisp fall leaves.
    Everything went black.

    (not too sure as to whether or not Pangea forums would let me indent, ha ha ha)
    Hailey Rose
    1.0 Correlophus Ciliatus ~ Gobi
    0.1 Maltese/Terrier ~ Mazy
    1.0 Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu ~ Milo

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    Nice you should submit this to The America Library of Poetry. It sounds like type of poem (I forgot the name of it). I had two of my poems published in the book. One about avoiding alcohol and one about a gecko that wished to fly.
    You win up to five hundred dollars


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      Actually if you're still in highschool you can submit it


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        Thanks! I will definitely be looking into it! I personally didn't think it was that good because my english teacher kept making me change it until it was the exact 200 word count... It was a long and painful process, ha ha ha.
        It was like writing a book and then having to choose a chapter to cut out
        I am happy the way it turned out though.
        - Hail7ey
        Hailey Rose
        1.0 Correlophus Ciliatus ~ Gobi
        0.1 Maltese/Terrier ~ Mazy
        1.0 Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu ~ Milo