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Hermit Crabs... Need Advice Please!

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  • Hermit Crabs... Need Advice Please!

    Hello everyone! So recently I have fallen in love with Hermit Crabs. I have done TONS of research (don't worry) and I am stumped upon selecting an enclosure. I was originally going to go with an 24" x 18" x 18" (lxwxh) but I am now, second guessing it.

    I was going to purchase that terrarium and get some pre-cut glass to cover the screen partially (for humidity reasons, depending upon which specimen of crab I get) and that was that. But now I realise that the dirt/sand substrate will go all the way up to the black bar/ventilation point (not covering though) and this makes veiwing the little guys not so good. I just wanted to know if anyone uses any other terrariums/tanks. Or if I should just not care. Pictures would be helpful if you do have tanks, ha ha ha.
    I know that most people use just a 10 gallon tank but to me that seems pathetically small. I am definitely getting group of Hermit Crabs.

    I was also wondering about the ISO tank. People that use it say their little guys get stressed out being separated from the group or it works amazingly, while other who don't use it, say it is way better to just let them naturally molt within their territory or that cannibalism occurred. I feel like if I where to use an ISO tank that I would be putting the wrong crabbie in their OR I wouldn't be able to see the signs of molting beforehand. Opinions..? Please just no online debates/fights, ha ha ha.

    I also some opinions on gender. Do you guys just select randomly or is males to females or just same sex groups?

    Sorry for all the questions.
    - Hail7ey
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