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PLEASE HELP!! Green Card stuff! Legal analysts/attorneys i need you

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  • PLEASE HELP!! Green Card stuff! Legal analysts/attorneys i need you

    okay so my parent's green cards are about to expire and basically I just did the entire application for them because the computer is a strange magic to them. Theres a bunch of stuff saying that if i am the preparer of the application, that i have to upload my signature or something. But seeing as how i am 16, i wonder if i even need to or if i was even allowed to do anything for them in the first place? For now i just didn't check the box. thoughts?


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    I recommend that to be sure you have things right, you look in your community (ask an adult if you need help finding it) for an immigrant aid group. You can also look on the computer for a local chapter of HIAS (that stands for Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society but they are no longer focused on just aiding Jewish immigrants). I can also tell you that when I had to fill out financial aid statements for my college age children, the whole thing was based on this ridiculous idea that it was the student filling it out. Of course it was us. If I were you, I would assume that in order to fill out the application you asked your parents for the information, they told it to you and you typed it in. Even though you were the one entering the info, you essentially got it from them. I think the question about the preparer is meant to find out if someone went to a professional and paid them to fill out the application. I would recommend that you just have them sign their own names. If you want to be 100% sure, though, follow my suggestions at the beginning of the post. Also, depending on where your parents are from, many cities have agencies designed to assist people from that country or part of the world, so you could do a little google search to see if you can find out (if you can't find it out, ask your teachers for help).