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    Originally posted by space.kace View Post
    the vet totally ripped me off this year. they charged $20 for his nail trim, $20 to have his eyes/ears clean (i clean them a couple times a week and did it just before we went,) and $20 to shave the fur around his paw pads. seriously what the hell...he's already asleep how hard is it go trim his nails and shave his paws? that should all be included in the $70 grooming fee anyways. i understand it wouldnt be cheap with the sedation but all those extras were un necessary. $285 for a lion cut is nuts. defenitly not going back there after pulling something like that
    That's ridiculous. I could understand charging $20 for a nail trim if the cat is awake, but once it's out, that should take all of two minutes to do. And then charging another $40 for the paw pads, ears, and eyes? Crazy.

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      Haha....that first pic is great! I love chubby kitties! He looks like he needs a remote in one hand and some cheese puffs in the other!
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        Ohhh my.....she seems not liking be snapped. too angry
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