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    This was my pretty red HM (bred by Victoria of BettySplendens) I lost shortly after we moved. Not sure what happened exactly since the water quality tested fine and all the other fish in the tank with him were fine, but I found him floating. RIP my pretty red boy:

    So the only bettas I have right now are my colony of Betta simplex in my 46gal. I love them, though! Betta simplex are mouthbrooders and a species that can be kept together in community tanks, unlike the more common B. splendens. The males are just fantastically gorgeous...

    Here's a video I caught of 2 of my males flaring at each other:



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      I love Betta simplex. Great vid!!


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        I have some extra males right now, Emily... will trade simplex for hatchlings...


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          It actually has a whtie star on its forehead.


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            This first guy pictured is Ebo (short for Ebony). He was seriously the most beautiful, sexy fish I have ever owned. He passed away over spring break about a month ago. I had him for almost 2 years, and he was big when I bought him, so I think he just lived to the end of his days.

            I just picked up this boy today; named him Nila, which is the Hindi word for "blue". He was still acclimating to the water of his new tank when I took these pics, so please don't mind the giant plastic crease across his body.


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              Awww i love these bettas! now i feel sad again because mine passed away after 4 years with us...
              i almost got another 1 yesterday though its a dark blue with white fringing around its fins! i hope nobody else got it because im going back tomorrow haha! i have a tank setup already with a couple tetras (my old betta was with tetras and was very social!)
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                I don't have them any more, but here's Running Water...

                (It was photo night...)

                And (my apologies for the poor image quality) Ray - the "OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS SCALES?!" Betta

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                  I love bettas! They were my staple pets when I lived on campus during college...Then I got into planted tanks, and now reptiles... I really have a soft spot for the females and have tried keeping them several times, including in an all-female 10gl setup (great display tank with plants)...Alas, every female I've ever kept has become eggbound and died, despite being treated with all the fish meds known to man. I've also kept lone males in my planted community tanks with good success.

                  I'd love a halfmoon plakat male..particularly a copper one, but that's on the backburner for now.
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                    I recently "rescued" a betta. He was a wedding decoration last June (they used bettas in vases as centerpieces) and his vase hadn't been cleaned since! He was living in BROWN water and they were feeding him goldfish flakes. So I stole him. He now lives in my office. He was pale salmon pink when I brought him in and pretty inert. But now he's brilliant red with some phosphorescent blue goin' on... and he never stops dancing. He still needs a name...

                    We have another that lives in the office. He's huge and blue. His name is Ichabod Mortimer. We got him after our company partnered with Yahoo! and they used the fish as decorations at the launch party. Why do people think fish are "decorations"? I mean, they're pretty but... yeah.
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                      Originally posted by Kathleen View Post
                      Why do people think fish are "decorations"? I mean, they're pretty but... yeah.
                      Exactly! It is really pretty but I mean do people not feel even the slightest bit guilty knowing that piratically all those fish are going to die?

                      My friends were going to do that at their wedding with goldfish- but then it became alarmingly hot outside and they decided not to. I think they wanted to put them out as center pieces and then keep them in an aquarium. I believe they still have them. Haven't asked.
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                        I actually Breed Betta Albimarginata a wild mouthbrooding type i did have a pair of Betta Macrostoma as well


                        thats my website for my bettas
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                          My first betta was with me for about a year and a half. I got him when he was quite old from a local pet shop. He was a grouch, but a good companion. Lost him to an intestinal blockage, I think.

                          And this is my current dude, Robert Falcon Scott. He's a "salamander" HMPK. Quite the feisty, neurotic, curious little fellow.

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                            Well, here are my two.
                            both rescues from the pet store.
                            my first guy is my little crown tail Diablo
                            i think his name fits.

                            the pet store just puts them in a tied bag. doesn't open the bags to feed or change the water. poo is over filling in some bags. i had made a complaint to the store. and they said "they get sold in a few days. so it doesnt matter" *sigh.*
                            this is why i limit myself when i go to pet stores.

                            and here is my other guy Fabian. such a drama queen. flares at anything.
                            this guy was from the hell hole walmart.

                            he was nearly white when i bought him. but his colors drastically changed to a pinkish salmon color.

                            and this is Diablos tank until i get his 5 gallon cycled.

                            cute little 2 gallon tank. i plan on turning it into a shrimp tank once i move diablo out
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                              Ya'll are so not helping. I have kept these guys for many years and am fighting it at the moment!!!!
                              Am at 6 at the very moment. And plotting to add more.
                              I think 5 species of geckos is enough! Lets not talk about the snakes!


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                                I like this thread. I'll have to take a picture of my little fishy. His name is Bambang. Wow the fish on that website are amazing!!
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