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  • Looking for web design

    I know I've seen several people on here make each other websites. I am interested in finding who these website-makers are and possibly giving you some business. I know a few people who are interested in websites with basic layouts where they can post items for sale. Exactly like crested gecko, and other animal breeder sites. The sites have to be oriented for computer-stupid people. They have to be able to edit items and captions without knowing html, etc. Can anyone help me out?! If so, please email me,, or pm me with a general quote. Also email me if you know of anyone that can help me. Thank you very much!!


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    check ure pm
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      I would love to jump in and say I am the one here...

      However, I would strongly reccomend design service packages. is also another personal favorite.

      Good luck!

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        Coolstudio, there are a few things I would recommend you do before you jump into this. First make you get a design package that includes a content management system this is the applet that is user to make changes to the web page. It is sort of like the text editor you used when you post your message, But it would display your web page content and change can be made very easy. Hosting is new, These costs can be from $5-50 based on your package and can even get higher based on your requirements. There are just some thing to know, also I have seen a few turn key solution out there these are ok, But from what I have seen really only one or two pages are designed and all internal pages look the same maybe a images change or so, This is ok a long as you understand. Also some design companies change for changes, image editing, ect. PM me if you have any question. If you first tell you your budget I can let you know a few design firms that will be best for your projects. From what I am understand you might want to find one that has a reseller agreement or something, That also is something I can look into.
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          Originally posted by csreptiles
          Coolstudio, there are a few things I would recommend you do before you jump into this.

          Kelsey is looking for design. I do print and Web media for a living.
          However, I am most likely too expensive to hire.

          I do like the services offered by Anthony and Emily.

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