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Baby Gargoyle not eating

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  • Baby Gargoyle not eating

    Looking for a little advice, and/or reasurance. About 3 days ago my son and I brought home a baby gargoyle (hatch 5/19). We set up an 18x18x24 habitat as a Bioactive environment, however, we are keeping the gecko in a smaller 8x12 breeding bin until he has had time to settle and grow a bit.
    He has not eaten since we brought him home (3 days). We have been offering the food the breeder used, and have misted daily.
    My question is: When should I start to worry? How do I get him to eat?

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    It can take several days for a gecko to adjust to a new home (new decor and/or enclosure). If your gecko is healthy, it won’t starve itself. Babes will nibble at their food, usually not making a noticeable dent until they hit a growth spurt. Depending on how you have your enclosure set up, sometimes you can tell if they are eating or not is by looking for their itsy-bitsy tiny poops (about size of a sesame seed).
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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      Thanks, Hannibal. It has been almost a week at this point, but he seems otherwise healthy and is active as soon as the lights go out. I have switched to a water-bottle-cap sized bowl to make it easier for him to get to. His weight seems ok for his age *I think* ...he was 4 grams yesterday (8/15/19) - per the breeder he was 2 grams at birth on 5/20/19. Unfortunately, i didn't think to get his weight when we brought him home, as i wanted to minimize stress so i don't know if he is losing or maintaining his weight.