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  • Infertile eggs

    Ok guys I have lots of Gargoyle around 10 Breeding Trio and I have been noticing I have 2 sets of trio that are giving me some infertile eggs not all but when she lays eggs the last 3 times only 1 egg will be good out of the 2. I have 2 different Female's doing this with 2 different males is it the Male issue not having enough sperm are it is a female issue?? I'm starting to think it's the Female because last session I has one of these males in with 2 other female and they give me a lot of very nice babies and every time both eggs was good but this season now that he is with 2 different Female's I'm getting a couple infertile eggs.

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    It happens on occasion; I’ve found when I offer those females more insects in their diet they will return to producing both fertile eggs.
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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      I feed Pangea Breeding formula and the one with insects in it. Think they need more insects ground up and put in the food.