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Male garg acting strangely

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  • Male garg acting strangely

    So I attempted to breed my gargs for the first time. They are both healthy and eating well. Both correct ages and weights. I had them together for three nights. When I separated them, the male started acting strangely and eating sporadically. He was never out once the lights are on before, but now he tends to stay chilling on the floor of the viv under a plant. Same spot most days. Any idea what this might be? I checked them both for injuries after I took him back out and they're both perfect. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    Perhaps the eating sporadically is due to his lust for his lady... some boys keep their minds on one thing :P
    Still eating though right?

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      Thanks for getting back to me! He is eating, just not a ton. His viv is really natural, so he may have popped, but unless he does it on the front glass it's tough to spot. Haha. He's stopped sleeping on the ground, so that's nice. Is three nights enough to get the deed done? I thought maybe he was upset because he didn't get to do his thing. Haha


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        Hey, I tried responding the other day but the message seems to be lost to the universe. Haha. He is still eating, maybe a little bit less, but he does climb to his dish every night. As far as pooping goes, he's in a pretty natural/planted vivarium, so it's not overly easy to see if he has unless he poops right on the glass.

        I thought that maybe he didn't get to do his thing? Is it possible that three nights wasn't enough time to seduce her with his lizard charms? They were on opposite sides of the tank every time I saw them over those three days/nights. This is my first time breeding, so I don't have a ton of experience to work off of. Thanks for your reply!


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          When separated a male from his harem a few years ago, he went from acting all mellow to becoming a total grump. This grumpiness included a massive drop in appetite. Some males just want to be with females all the time. (The females did not act like they missed him at all).
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