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    brand new to this forum. My daughter has several gargoyle geckos. Today as she was about to leave for work she sprayed their tanks and then realized that she grabbed the wrong bottle and used her vinegar/ water/ baking soda instead of plain water.

    She took everything out and wiped it down but she is very worried about her geckos. I could not smell any vinegar as I was helping her throw away the paper towels from the bottom and wipe the enclosures. Does she need to worry? I am home so I an check on them or do some more cleaning if needed.

    the geckos were in the tanks when she sprayed

    thank you in advance

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    I am just seeing this now, and see that it was 2 days ago. Are the geckos OK? I would have said to maybe (gently) rinse the geckos in room-temp water as well. Vinegar and baking soda would both be hard on their skin, but maybe she had the water ratio such that it was more water than the other? Hoping they are OK - please let us know.

    I would also suggest using two very different-looking spray bottles, so they don't get mixed up again.
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      thank you. They are fine. I did tell her to switch one of the bottles. They are both blue but one is a clear blue and one is not.

      I am just thankful they are ok. She would have been devastated if she hurt them


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        they are fine. thank you. I will probably get her a different color water bottle !