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Sexing your gargoyle

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  • Sexing your gargoyle

    So, I'm new to gargoyles. I got my 1st one only a couple weeks ago, and the reptile place said he/she was about 3-4 months old, and that it's too young to sex right now. Most all the research I've done says that you can't sex them until they're about 10 months old, and now I'm finding research about its not about how old they are, but you'll be able to sex them when they're 12-15 grams. So, my question is, does sexing go by age or grams for these lil guys??

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    Sexing by grams for sure. Age means little when they can grow at very different rates. I can normally start to tell around 7 grams with a 60x loupe

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      I agree with Teresa. Right around 7g or so you can tell with a loupe. If you don't have a loupe, I've found that most males will have a significant bulge around the 12-15g mark.
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