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    I just got a new gargoyle yesterday. He is 4 months old and from a breeder. He was dark colored at first and was on top of the leaves of the fake tree i have in his enclosure when i went to bed and now he is white colored and laying on the bottom. I haven't noticed if he has eaten or not so im just concerned and a newbie at this.

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    That's normal behavior. They like to sit in different spots at different times. Color changes are also normal.


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      Gargoyles was great; one of the best cartoons of it's era. I recently Sarkari Result Pnr Status rewatched it and it's held up pretty well.

      Just another thing to place on the "good thing, bad fandom" pile.
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        It may be a couple of weeks before he eats, so just keep providing food. He'll eat when he's hungry. Moving around during the night, and turning colors, is very normal and nothing to worry about. He may also turn white/light colored just before a shed.
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