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    So I purchased a monochrome striped gargoyle gecko on the 21 jan, he went missing the next day and turned up on a plant pot in the enclosure about 10 days ago we were certain he was dead however ever so often he would change positions yesterday however I gave him a little poke and he jumped back into action and has been pretty active however he appears very skinny and a little shrivelled around the neck, he is only a baby and I have never seen him eat! We’ve tried crickets the Pangea mix and banana I’m not sure if he’s eating during the night or not any suggestions?

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    Hello,from what you have said ,it must be hungry. So when the lights are off (you can use some deflected light like TV distant bulb ,ect.) try to put some pangea mix next to its nose and hold it there for a while,but do not touch it. You can use a plastic spoon or a icicle stick ,or something like that. It should start licking the mixture and you will know for sure that it is eating. When you feed ,put the mixture in a way(thin layer) and amount (half tea spoon of powder for 13 g gecko for example) ,that it will be easier to see signs of food missing . I have a new male that I fed two times by holding the food by hand and yesterday it has eaten all of his dish by itself. Sometimes it takes time to get use to the knew enclosure ,and feeding routine.
    Good luck.


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      He might be dehydrated as well. You could try a sauna a couple of times - put him in a container with a piece of water-soaked paper towel in the bottom for about 10-15 minutes a day. Keep offering the Pangea. Usually if they are hungry, they will eat, you just may not see him do it.
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