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Random Questions For My New Baby Leachianus Gecko

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  • Random Questions For My New Baby Leachianus Gecko

    Hello I recently got my new leachie at a reptile show and I have some questions I was not able to find online or I would just like an opinion on. What kind of substrate should I use later when my leachie is older currently he is on paper towel so I can see if he is pooping because I just got him recently. Should I keep it paper towel even as a adult? Or should I change it to something else? Another question I have is should I just feed him Pangea? or just Repashy? Or a mix the breeder I got him form was just using Pangea so that's what I got but my Crested Geckos are eating Repashy. And when should I start handling him? I know it is too early now but I got him the 12th of January should I look for something to know? And I be looking into anything in general about his heath and how he is doing in his new home? He has eaten 2 out of 3 days I've had him so far but I would appreciate some answers it is just kinda hard to find these specific questions online. Thanks!

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    Paper towels works fine for any age, however you can switch them over to ecoearth, or make them bioactive. Ecoearth will still need to be changed often, and spot cleaned daily, because of this I recommend either go full bioactive as it gets older, or stick to papertowels.

    What you are feeding is fine, leachies have a tendency of not wanting to take insects. I still offer them to little ones, but I don't fret if they dont eat them. The biggest key is keeping it warm. so many first time keepers try to keep them like cresteds however this species prefers to be kept warmer. Keeping them around 78 will keep his appetite up and keep its eating on track. Also if you have it in a fairly large enclosure, keeping them in a smaller enclosure encourages them to eat more. Although these guys are big babies, I find putting them in an enclosure that is more size appropriate makes them eat less than keeping them in a somewhat smaller enclosure.

    I would recommend letting it settle in for 2 weeks. Let it get used to the sights and sounds. Then you can start handling weekly for short periods.
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      Hello thank you I read this a while ago but I have another question so I handled him yesterday but I tried today and it's very hard to get him because he likes to go into the corner of the cage to sleep on the exo Terra foam background but his little claws are in the foam and he's in the corner how should I get him out I don't just want to grab him