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New Gargoyle gecko and sticking problems

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  • New Gargoyle gecko and sticking problems

    I got another new Gargoyle! I wasn't planning on getting another gecko for a while after my first new garg (orange and red stripe) however, one of the breeders I had gotten to know over a couple months asked me to meet him for a surprise. The first of his clutch to hatch this season, a tiny little thing and he gave it to me as a Christmas present! Both its parents are red stripes so I'm looking forward to the development of its colors, its been doing well over the week I've had it, my one concern is that its having a hard timing climbing/sticking. It tries to climb up my arm and than starts sliding off and I eventually have to catch it... I know it's still young and maybe not fully developed, but I'm little concerned. I keep the humidity high and spray the enclosure once every day and I've put it it a shallow bowl of water a few times in case it is stuck shed, but I haven't seen any improvement... Any suggestions?

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    I’m having this same problem!! any Garg is still a juvenile at barely 4 g’s, if anyone has any suggestions that would be great!