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  • please help sexing

    Hello to all,
    this is one of my 3 gargs. Can somebody assume what is it's sex. It was sold for male, but there is not very prominent bulge.
    It is 83 grams and maybe one year and 6 months old. It has not laid eggs yet. My other two are females for sure. They are having several clutches every year.

    Appreciate your help.
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    Any idea ,anyone?


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      Are those pores real or pseudo?? Can somebody say ? How long it takes for a male to sexually mature. Is there males with smaller bulges than females?
      Still no eggs at 86 grams.It has different behavior than the other two that are females for sure. It always on the visible side of the brunch while the other two are hidden all the time.It is heavier than the other two and much more robust.They are eating the same amount of food every other day.


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        i am going to say female. My males bulges are much larger and the bulges on the male look more like 2 testicles than one bulge, if that makes sense. and my males are still too young to breed.


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          So she finally layed two eggs on 17th of may

          Thanks to all who looked and replied