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Help! Is my Gargoyle Gecko Dehydrated?

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  • Help! Is my Gargoyle Gecko Dehydrated?

    Hi! Now I may just be a worried new reptile owner but you can never be too safe!
    I just purchased my very first reptile (gargoyle gecko) about a week ago from a local petco. He is really small and super cute and a fell in love with him instantly!
    I house him in a 12 x 12 x 18 enclosure with plenty of stuff to climb. (unfortunately not as much as I'd like as a storm has pushed back to arrival of a few things i ordered for his enclosure online).

    Today as I went to check on him I noticed some things that worried me a bit...
    First I noticed his tail was slightly wiggly near the end. I know that this can be a sign of dehydration or MBD and I'd like to address it ASAP!
    Secondly I noticed he was pretty skinny... I looked online at some other baby gargoyle geckos and they seemed to be more filled out than he is. That being said I'm not quite sure of his exact age but I've come to think he is about 4 months old. (I keep calling him a he but I am also not certain of his gender).
    I have been keeping handling to a minimum while he gets used to his enclosure but today I decided to take him out to get a closer look at him. While I was holding him is grip seemed pretty strong and he wasn't lethargic. He hand walked a bit and jumped onto my shirt once. I did hand feed him today, as i wasn't too sure if he was eating either. Don't worry, I will not be hand feeding him often. He licked up the food on my finger without a problem.

    The humidity in his enclosure stays around 50% and I mist twice a day for a higher humidity. If I notice the humidity is getting pretty low I will likely mist in more than twice as I see fit.
    I have a shallow water dish in his enclosure at the bottom of his tank. I have not noticed him go to it at all since I've had him. I have noticed him drink some droplets of water when I mist down his enclosure only a couple of times so I'm not sure if he is really drinking enough. Today when I put him back in his enclosure I set him near his water dish. He didn't seem to take much notice to it and walked right through it before climbing back to his favorite spot on his vine.

    That being said, I did take some pictures of him while I took him out today so that you guys can give me your opinions on the matter and what I should do.
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    He looks healthy and a good size/weight. Humidity should be 80-90% overnight, drying out to around 50-60% during the day. Most geckos will ignore still water (in a bowl), and would rather drink droplets after misting, or from a fogger or misting system. So that's not unusual. I have been putting sphagnum moss in the bottom of my tank to help with the humidity, as it is dry where I live in the fall and winter.

    Your little guy is very cute! Congrats!
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      Oh! Thank you! I was quite worried for a bit but he's seeming fine now! Thank you for the reassurance <3
      It is quite humid where I live so humidity never seems to be an issue for the guy c:

      Thank you <3