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goyles, goyles, goyles mmm mmm mm Fort Lauderdale...mmm suns

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  • goyles, goyles, goyles mmm mmm mm Fort Lauderdale...mmm suns

    Thats a motley crue reference people. :lol:
    Anyway, if you had to say who has the most high end goyles, who would it be? And what is considered the cutting edge? What's the most sought afeter morph? I am some what of a nuebie when it comes to goyles simply because I don't care for there size and I almost never see anyones with nice looking skull structure.
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    All I know is that the orange striped 'goyles make me drool... Garrghhhh..... :lol: They're on my list of "must haves".

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      check out geckos by brad. he's a nice guy with some nice goyles. not many pics on his site but he'll email you pics.


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        I am from Canada so really I only know of Canadian gargoyle breeders (just because it is near impossible to buy our geckos from the states) and I would have to say Doug Healey from British Columbia has some real nice gargoyles. He has some that are near pure red and I would think they are very rare.
        I don't own any gargoyles so I really don't know lots about them, but I have seen pictures of his collection and they seemed pretty high end.
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          I like I don't have any Goyles right now (I'm still workin with Saras and Cresteds) but I always enjoy looking at them and Rhacos is a cool place to see some nice ones.

          He also just redesigned his whole site so check it out.

          But Matt (Pangea) has some nice ones also. Can't wait for the Other Reptiles you have to be posted.

          I also from time to time see some nice orange blotched ones on Allen's site. And Randy has some pretty cool ones also. I also see some nice ones on Kingsnake somtimes.
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            Gargoyles are probably my favorite Rhacodactylus, nothing out there can compare to the really high end orange blotched and striped animals except the finest of ciliatus, plus personality wise the only species that can compete with their calmn demeanors would be chahouas. I hate to say that they havent caught on due to a longer wait for sexual maturity but I do think thats the crux of the issue as the truly high end animals are so dazzling I cant see why people don't get into them more (besides price i suppose).


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              I have seen some beauties here on the forum. Check out the rhach photo forum! There,s some amazing ones in there! Stripes and blotches seem to take the big bucks

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                Nothing like bumping an 8 year old thread.