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Is my gargoyle gecko gravid or just thicc?

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  • Is my gargoyle gecko gravid or just thicc?

    I just got my baby like two weeks ago and was told that it is a female. The person said they also had another gargoyle that they thought was a boy, but turned out to be a girl.
    My gargoyle looks pretty big and I don’t know if it’s just cause she’s fat or if she’s gravid. I tried to feel for any eggs but I don’t know what I’m feeling for and there are no bulges.

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    Update: I had put a lay box in just in case and woke up to two eggs! I currently have them on eco-earth but I’m going to be switching them out into perlite. If anyone can give me more tips on how to incubate them that would be great! I currently also have a thermometer in with the eggs and it’s at 75f.
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    I was going to say that she looks gravid, but she beat me to it!
    Nice girl.
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      75F sounds fine. Anywhere from 70-75F is usually the preferred incubating temp. the lower it is the longer it takes to develop but the stronger the babies usually end up being.

      Chances are the eggs are infertile if she's never been with a male. Have you lit them up? (Flashlight underneath in dark room, looking for a noticeable 'cheerio' in the egg's center) If there's no cheerios, there's no babies. If that ends up being the case, freezer until trash day, they can sometimes stink up the house as they begin rotting so I wouldn't just toss em straight up till you're ready to take the garbage out.
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        Yeah, so I’ve been checking the eggs and both were yellow at first but I wanted to wait a bit longer to see if there would be any change. One of the eggs ended up smelling, denting, and grew mold. So, I threw that one out. As for the other one it’s still good! I noticed on the side of the egg something red? Not really sure what it is, maybe like the vein growing? But I didn’t see any Cheerio. Hoping it turns out well!
        I ended up getting vermiculite instead, hopefully it still works out fine.

        Update: I checked up on the egg today and it had a bit of mold on top so I wiped it off with a Qtip and candled it. The red veins are more spread out now but where the mold was it is black when I candled it. If I didn’t then it would just look completely normal on the outside... I haven’t seen anything on this so I’m a bit worried. I’ve read to just change the substrate out and have the lid open so that there isn’t too much humidity built up.
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