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Is my garg’s growth and size good?

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  • Is my garg’s growth and size good?


    I had my gargoyle gecko for 7 months now. He was born August 2017 , so next month he’s going to be 1 year old!!! My baby :-)

    Anyways , I know gargoyles are slow growers especially since I don’t offer insects. I’m just wondering if mine is considered okay.

    Weights 10G
    5 1/2 inches long including tail.

    Got him at 4Grams and has been gaining weight every month or so. Has only grown very little doe.

    Does anyone have / had gargoyles before? What was your geckos weight and height?

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    My garg stayed small for quite some time - about the same weight as yours, for almost a year. Then I started feeding him dubias - WHAM, big growth spurt. He's healthy (& always has been), but he was a slow grower until he started the roaches. As long as your gecko is gaining weight and is otherwise healthy, I wouldn't worry about the growth rate. If he doesn't grow at all, or starts losing weight or acting lethargic, then it would be cause for concern.
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