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  • Water and Food questions

    Hi, I had recently adopted my gargoyle. I’m not sure on her age but I know she hatched sometime early 2017. With her previous owner she used to eat all the food put in her dish. Now I haven’t seen her eat the same and I’ve had her for about a month. Every so often, I’ll feed her food on a chopstick but I try to do this once a week so she doesn’t rely on hand feeding.

    I place the food in same exact spot as the previous owner and use the same food as before. The only difference is the tank has much more hiding spots and climbing areas now.
    I’m also concerned about her drinking habits because her cage is very clean.


    With your experience, do gargoyles seem to prefer to eat from close to the ground or higher up in the branches?

    Do they prefer rock ledges vs clear plastic?
    (I have a theory the clear plastic ledge is hard for her to see when higher up.)

    Have you ever seen a gargoyle drink from a dish?

    Have any of you tried Repashy insect grub pie?

    Any other comments are welcome.

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    1) My Gargoyle s much prefer to eat up high & seem happier & I think they feel more secure with this but they will eat from floor if that is where dish is placed.
    2) I use rock magnetic ledges my gargoyles don't get on with clear suction plastic ledges as quite heavy on their feet & these have tended to end up on the floor with food everywhere.
    3)Yes frequently see gargoyles eat & drink from dishes but they also enjoy drinking water off of glass & plants etc
    4) They have not tried grub pie.
    5)Gecko s don't eat vast amounts of food. I've never known any to clear their bowls but I guess that may depends on how much food you put in it & how deep the bowl is. Might be worth using a milk top lid to put food in to start with as quite shallow & easy to get to.
    If possible I would say try not to hand feed at all as it maybe she is holding out for that each time.
    Gargoyle s love hiding so partly maybe due to the new foliage that your not seeing her much. In addition to that they often once dark are very active but not unusual that they return to exact spot & you don't notice movement.
    I'm not sure where your viv is but as evening approaches if you can make the room really dark you will probably hear your gecko moving about.
    Good luck with her
    Ace Gargoyles
    Gargoyle geckos. 2.4.0
    Chahoua. 1.1.0


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      i feed low. And when you get a new gecko, it can be stressed out for a long time and only eat a small amount. you might think it is not eating, but it is, just not enough for you to notice.


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        Thank you for your replies, very helpful! She also just layed eggs a day after I posted that first post which must be why she wasn't eating. I forgot to include in that first post that I was also worried since she looked smaller than before (of course because of laying eggs) but I could see the bumps of her spine but only when she is fired down. Today was the first day where I could see her ribs, maybe because of her position? Seems that when she is fired down I see her as looking more skinny and wrinkly and it scares me!