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what’s your gecko budget?

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  • what’s your gecko budget?

    Do you have a min/max amount that you’re willing to spend on geckos and at what point did you realize what that was for you? Not asking for specific dollar amounts just curious how people deal with some of the reality of how pricey this hobby can be and at what point was that eye opening moment.
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    I don't have a budget. None whatsoever. That's not necessarily a good thing.
    However, I also don't generally buy animals on impulse. If I see a species I like, I research it thoroughly, not only to learn proper care and housing of that species, but also how that might fit into my herp room, and my overall plan. I rarely buy just a single animal; if I'm going to work with a species, I probably want a breeding group.
    Then, when it comes time to purchase the animals, I have a good idea of price and availability, and my housing is ready to go. I tend to be very price conscious when purchasing the animals themselves, and usually have a ceiling in mind, based on what I've learned about the market for that species.


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      I have 4 geckos now (& that is my limit), and now that I have their tanks set up, I really only need to buy food (Pangea and roaches, and purified water) and the occasional replacement sphagnum moss, so I set aside about $20-$25/month, and that seems to be enough to cover it. As for tank setup - the initial Exo-Terras were expensive, but I got them all when they were on sale. I watch for sales on the Pangea and Josh's Frogs sites, and got backgrounds, thermometer/hygrometer, vines and ledges that way, and went to thrift shops for foliage and decorations. (I use fake decor and don't have a vivarium.) My electric bill has gone up some with heating in the winter, and I have UVB lights for two of my geckos, but I use LEDs for the other two, and that doesn't add up to much. So yeah - initial setup was expensive. But now that that's taken care of, it's mostly the food, and so far that hasn't been too bad for me. It was part of the reason I got interested in geckos in the first place - vet bills and food for our dogs and cats were getting way up there, so the geckos are pretty low-cost and low-maintenance in comparison.

      I'm not looking to expand, though! Not breeding, not getting any more, so I think I'll be OK.
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        i think once I start breeding it will hit. They've been pretty inexpensive past the intial purchases (tank, the gecko, decor) so haven't ever worried too much about that. but i think when I start having to buy giant bags of gecko food and hundreds of small tubs it'll sink in xD although I'm somewhat already prepared for it. Theory is different than actually going thru with it
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          Well, not really. I just don't have any room for anymore ADULT size enclosures, so i am pretty much done. Unless i sell one and buy another. But in my mind they are only worth a few hundred at the most, so that is my limit.