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Do I Need To Quarantine My First Gecko

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  • Do I Need To Quarantine My First Gecko

    I've read a few other forums saying that if you don't whats the point of quarantining, while others say you can still make sure their pooping and eating.

    When I bring my new gargoyle home, I'm going to be getting an adult, or nearly full grown gecko for my 18x18x24 bioactive vivarium, so should I quarantine it, even if it's not a baby?


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    the main purpose of quarantining is to keep potential diseases away from your OTHER animals. Do you have other reptiles? If so, then keep the new guy away from them, and always wash your hands between interactions.

    The 2nd purpose of it, is to make sure your new animal is eating, pooping, and overall just looking and acting healthy. Poop is easier to see on paper towels opposed to dirt (unless you have a glass picasso...) so thats why its usually recommended to put any new reptile on it, and also in a very 'sterile' environment. Things that are easy to either take out and clean or to just toss.

    What happens if your new gecko has mites, or maybe some other disease that requires you to clean their enclosure daily or to rip everything out? Your vivarium would be trash @_@.

    I would maybe modify a sterlite tub to house them in for a month at least to make sure they're healthy. paper towel, fake plants that are easy to disinfect, etc.

    I also know PLEEENNNTY of people who get a new reptile, and even though they do keep it away from their current pets, plop them in vivariums and such (I'm guilty of it, yes, but I also buy from HIGHLY reputable breeders so the odds of acquiring an ill gecko that needs such extreme treatment is rare, if almost unheard of) so It's really personal preference. Either way, any new animal always should require your eyes. Make sure to monitor their weight, and i'd just barely cover the bottom of their food bowl with food, that way if they eat, its far more obvious then when the cup is filled to the brim.
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      I am going to get my gargoyle from a breeder at my local reptile expo, I'll have to decide what I think when I see it because I don't have the supplies for a quarantine tank, but I guess I could always pick some up.



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        Not necessarily if you’ve got no other reptiles. I’d use paper towel as substrate for now to monitor the poop situation and go light on the decor until you’re certain everything seems fine.