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Spiders in vivariums?

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  • Spiders in vivariums?

    So I know people say that spiders in vivs are good and they eat pests...

    However I have arachnophobia and don’t feel comfortable housing spiders in my room. I also live in a place where many venomous spiders are not afraid to come into houses and live.

    So does anyone have any tips on how to prevent or get rid of spiders living in the vivarium I’m planning to set up for a gargoyle?


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    Are you saying you have spiders in it now, that you need to get rid of? Or are you talking preventive measures? There shouldn't be spiders in your tank to start with...What kind of tank do you have? Is it glass with a screen top? The lid should be secure enough to keep spiders out.
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      I’m just wondering about precaution methods. I haven’t set up the viv yet. I have an Exo Terra with screen lid. I’ll be thoroughly washing the wood pieces and plants before I put them in.

      Some people say spiders don’t hurt the enclosure, but hopefully I won’t get any in there