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HELP! Humidity and Temp. Problems

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  • HELP! Humidity and Temp. Problems


    I have a little 8 month old gargoyle gecko and I love him! I am , struggling a bit right now.

    Got him in December and the 100 + degrees have returned to Texas and now has given me problems.

    My geckos enclosure gets way too hot for my liking (76-78 , mostly 77.77 F , but will drop to 73-75F sometimes after misting) and now the humidity drops to the 40% ( 43% been the lowest , will go up to 50-60% when lightly misting in the morning and 80% when heavy misting at night) and I don't know what to do! I find myself misting the moss more than I used to and I feel im wasting so much water ( Distilled Water btw) .

    He is in the 20 Gallon Zilla Tank , turn to its side
    and for the floor I ordered different type of mosses and extra little things to help humidity but dosent seems to last long.

    I lower my house to 73F but it only helps the temp very little , and I can't lower it less because my room specifically is the only one that gets real hot , so nobody else deals with the problem. I wake up sweating sometimes and wonder how he feels . I don't know if im over exaggerating but he's my baby and I want his humidity and temperature back to normal. So if anyone has any advice on how to fix this, please share.

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    Tricky when so hot. I live in the UK so we don't get very high temperatures. When we get a very rare hot spell I use frozen ice pack blocks or bottles of water & balance them across top of my viv but careful not to let them be untouchable by my gargoyles. Being as things are so warm with you it might cool temperatures temporarily.
    Maybe someone who lives in warmer climates might have a more practical solution.
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      76-78 honestly isn't super bad, as long as it's cooler down low where they can escape it's not bad. same for humidity. In the middle heat of the day it's not super bad, especially if you haven't noticed any shedding issues.

      I live in NV now, and outside of these weird rain spells we've had, temps are rising. My reptile room gets about 75f+ during the day, especially because we have 2 diurnal reptiles that need high heat basking (bearded dragon and rock lizard) so it's a warm room for sure. I leave the window open, as we try not to run the AC as much, since it's an energy bill sucker @_@ My geckos have been perfectly fine since moving here and dealing with warm weather. I don't do anything differently either. I have a misting system that goes off for 1min at night and 1 min in the morning. They are all in vivariums though, live plants, dirt layers, etc. Plants do help tons in keeping temperature lower in the 'shade'.

      Perhaps you can try out some live plants if you don't have any? Wandering Jew is a fast grower and doesn't require much light. If you plant it on the ground it grows upright, if you plant it in a hanging container it grows down and drapes. I love this plant <3 I have a huge peace lily plant in one the tanks as well, actually my gargoyle's tank, covers almost the whole tank haha she loves it, and I actually find her sleeping under the LED lights during the day opposed to hiding in her log/plants/etc. so I know she's not too hot.

      The frozen water bottles or freeze packs are a great solution though like Ace said. Lots of people use them during the warm months
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        You can make a water chiller if you have access to a sink. It is not extremely efficient because of the water useage, but can work well when it is necissary. If you hook up and trickle cold water through tubing, which is coiled on half of the screen top, it will create a cool breeze that will drop into the enclosure. The other end of the line just goes back to the drain. The line will condensate the water in the surrounding air, so just use some simple foam pipe insualtion on the line between the faucet and the enclosure. It will keep your floor from getting wet. Condensation will also drip into your enclosure, so you may have to adjust your daily misting to accomodate for this change.


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          You can also use the evaporative process if you only need to cool it by a couple of degrees. By filling a shallow tub, with water, that your enclosure sits in, the natural evaporation of the water will have a slight cooling effect. If it is cooler on your floor, because of natural heat gradients in the room, consider moving the enclosure to the floor.