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  • Tourmaline update

    Tourmaline is a gecko i got from Gargoyle Queen. She is a fatty, and sh eats really well. i wish she would grow faster. She is pretty tame, and i just love her.

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    Wow, she's really pretty! How old is she? Hygge didn't grow much either for quite a while and I was getting impatient. Then all of a sudden when he started eating the roaches, BAM - huge growth spurt. Tourmaline will get there too.
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      she is 7 months old. i just sold all my roaches bc none of my geckos would eat them, and my roaches were overbreeding. I won't keep any more live food. they do ok on powdered mixes. It just might take a while longer. if you see, she had a big belly. she has always had one.