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Hiya. Any opinions on my leachie's gender?

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  • Hiya. Any opinions on my leachie's gender?

    Until today (thanks to tLoGG) I was under the impression that Millie was a her. After some research and photos I think he may actually be a Milton... hoping for some expert opinions! Thanks in advance.

    On another note, The Life of Giant Geckos is a must read for any enthusiast. Thanks Philippe, Frank and Allen.

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    How old is your leachie? It does look like there might be some pores there, but some of the females can have pseudo-pores...

    I know there are folks out there more knowledgeable than me about this. Any thoughts?
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      Thanks Tad.

      (S)he is about 16 months.

      I'm seeing pores as well, but they're pretty undefined. It also seems that her postanal bulge has a defined left and right bump.

      Like I said, this is the first fine I have ever questioned it and I regularly take a peek whenever she come out of the tank for a visit.