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My leachie only poops when I hold her!

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  • My leachie only poops when I hold her!

    My leachie only poops when I hold her. Though this is beneficial, in terms of when I clean her enclosure, I feel that it is decreasing her appetite and can prevent her from reaching her appropriate size. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to make her poop when I'm not holding her? Thank you!

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    I have had my leachie for close to a year now. If yours is only pooping when you hold it, then I'd suspect 2 things:

    1. Room temp may be too cold, slowing down digestive tract... Your warm body temp when you hold may speed things up and cause the leachie to poop. You want the temp in the cage to be around 78f - 80f, or at least have a warm spot provided by a CHE that reaches that.

    2. You are holding it too much and they do go from stress (defensively). Try handling only once a week to do cage cleaning, weighing, etc. and see if it improves.

    I'd also advise wearing gloves.. I do this so that in the event that mine does go on me, it won't gross me out too badly and it helps with their claws scratching your skin, which gets worse as they get bigger.
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