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Do gargoyle geckos get bigger than cresteds?

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  • Do gargoyle geckos get bigger than cresteds?

    Do gargoyle geckos get bigger than crested geckos? If so how much bigger? And do chahouas get bigger than gargoyles and how much bigger?

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    Yes to both questions, but I couldn't give you average weights, there's such a wide variation!

    Google images for each, and you'll be able to tell by photos of people holding them, approximately how big they get.
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      Cresties average adult weight is about 55g. Gags average weight is about 70g maybe. I don’t know anything about chewies, but I’m pretty sure they get up to the 100s.
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        Hi Chahouas are about 50-60g as an average but have heard some larger ones to be as big as 90g but I think that's much less usual.
        Their locale can determine their weight too.
        Usually gargoyles are bigger than cresties but there can be exceptions to this too. Gargoyle s are more like a lump to handle compared to the majority of cresties. Gargoyle s are also heavy on their feet, where Crestie seem more agile as they move about. The parent geckos will give you a good predictor of likely size if diet maintained & healthy.
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