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Should I be worried about my garg's growth?

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  • Should I be worried about my garg's growth?

    Hey all, recently I've been a bit concerned with my gargoyles growth. My little one is now 15 months old, but only 12g! I've seen many other gargs his age in the 20g+ range, and I can't help but worry. I house him in a 12×12×12 and he eats well on Pangea. I've tried to feed crickets and roaches but there's very little to no interest. Temperature hovers around 75-78 and I mist twice daily.

    Should I be worried or is he just a slow grower?

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    i have a yearling female that is pretty small. i am trying the Pangea Breeding formula to give her a little extra nutrition. It sounds like you are doing everything correctly, just have to be patient. I understand, bc i rescued a yearling male off craigslist and he is 3x the weight of the female who is similar in age.


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      Sounds like she’s just a slow grower. Everyone grows at different rates, so you can never compare yours weight to another that’s the same age. Her clutch mate could be 35g, her what I’m saying? If she continues (like months down the road) to not gain weight, I’d get her checked for parasites. As long as she doesn’t lose weight and is eating she should be fine.
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