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18x18x24 or 24x18x18 for garg?

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  • 18x18x24 or 24x18x18 for garg?

    Hey all,
    Lazarus is still quite small, 12.4 grams, 3.5g when I got him a year ago cold, not moving and presumed dead. He came back after being warmed up (hence the name). Anyway, he was a horrible eater for months. I feed Pangea to the cresties and also tried repashy and nothing. He was in a small critter keeper for a while and then moved to a micro 8x8x12 exo terra where he still is now. He has started eating regularly in the last few months and has tripled in weight and is doing well now so I’ve finally starting handling him. I’m bumping him up to a 12x12x18 shortly as a grow out tank, but am on the fence with what size to go with for the final tank. He spends a lot of time hiding on the bottom of the tank now, so would going with a 24x18x18 be more beneficial than the usual 18x18x24? I use the height for my cresteds, and rarely see them on the ground hanging out. Do gargs tend to use the ground space more?

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    They do better with height.


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      I don't see my garg up high much during the day - he hangs out in his cork round on the floor. But during the night I can see evidence that he is all over the top of the tank on vines and branches, etc. So he is making use of the height, I just don't catch him at it. I'd go with the height.
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