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    I bought a Leachie recently. I had her for about a week or so and she hasn't eaten yet. I decided to switch to Pangea products instead of Repashy. It turns out she was brought up on Pangea. My crested eat Repashy so I was hoping that she would eat it too. I've learned they are very stubborn! Anyways, my shipment comes today so I'm hoping for success. I'm just going to give you all information on her setup and what the breeder told me.

    She is a year old and I had her in a 20x18x10 tub (15 gallons). Unfortunately, I learned a lot of new information recently and she was kept in 20x12x6 sneaker tub. I was going to switch her out to a 20x8x12 glass tank. Is this comparable? I can buy her a 20x12x6 tub. I understand they like smaller enclosures. The breeder originally didn't specify the specific size.

    Also, her humidity is always around 60-90%. Her tempature is usually around 78 degrees but I was told that it needs to be below 75. I'm going to follow these directions but does anyone have any suggestions to jump start her eating? I heard they can hunger strike for a few weeks but she is worrying me. Will these steps be sufficient?

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    At one year of age they should be large enough for a 12" x 12" x 16" enclosure or an 18" x 18" x 24" if they are good growers. Height is important on the enclosure. Using cork bark hollows allows for secure hiding or resting. 75°f is a good consistent daytime temp. I have the best feeding response from leachies when I use the Pangea breeding formula and watermelon or a combination of both.

    One thing that I find makes for quicker acclamation and feeding is to introduce the leachie to its new enclosure shortly before lights out and have the food available.


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      Originally posted by Big Tom View Post
      At one year of age they should be large enough for a 12" x 12" x 16" enclosure or an 18" x 18" x 24"

      Huh, so you would recommend bigger?

      It is definitely a strong looking animal. I think what I'll do is feed her the Pangea. See if I get a feeding response. I think the recommended size is a bit too small.

      I put food on her nose to see if she would lick it. Unfortunately, she didn't. She seems to hate Repashy.

      It's not near crisis period though? They sometimes don't eat for three weeks or so?


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        I have temps between 75-80 during the day. I'm trying to get more consistency. I
        just placed the Pangea in there. I'm trying the Breeding formula first.


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          Definitely taller as they are arboreal geckos. If your gecko is 40 grams or more those size reccomendations are good. Leachies are a bit more skittish than cresties when it comes to eating. They do better left alone to eat in the evening/night. Mine usually run from their feed cups if I pass by the enclosure at night. I would feed at the back of the enclosure if you or other pets may disturb them.
          The breeding formula is the best for leachie response.


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            You are correct. I woke up to find holes in the food where there weren't any before. Looks like she ate!


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              Great! It is good to see that everything is going in the right direction.