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Is this bromeliad safe?

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  • Is this bromeliad safe?

    Hi, I just want to make sure this kind of Bromelaid is safe for my Garg's terrarium.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Wash it off really well, and flood the soil repeatedly to wash out any fertilizers or chemicals the greenhouse applied to it. You may want to keep it out of the cage for a month too to help remove anything that was applied to it. After that, you're golden. It looks like it's at a nursery, hence the need to clean it so much. If it was from one of the specialist companies producing for terrariums, you should be able to just do a rinse and be fine. Bromeliads are perfectly fine as long as they don't have big spines which could be dangerous. Keep in mind, the "flower" part will eventually fade and have to be removed, leaving you with the green parts. But if it's happy it should pup.


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      Thanks alot for the complete answer, I'll do it exactly like that