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Gargoyle eating issues

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  • Gargoyle eating issues

    I got my little girl in June and she was tiny but that was expected because she was only about 6 months old at the time, she's about 8 months old now and she hardly ever eats. I moved into college and upgraded her tank with new climbing and hiding spots as well as a size difference because I noticed she was getting longer. She has shed three times that I'm aware of since I've gotten her, but I'm new so I'm worried I'm doing something wrong. Her temp is at a pretty steady 70 degrees with it getting slightly hotter during the day, and her humidity is between 50-80 (80 when I spray down in the mornings). I change her pangea mix every two days and she has a bowl of water. She just looks super thin to me!

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    The temperature is a little low. It should be around 75°f for optimal growth. If your gecko is in an enclosure that is too large it can be an issue. Sometimes adding an extra feeding point can help with this. It has only been a couple months and you mentioned several sheds, so I think things are pretty good.


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      I have a juvie garg also, Hygge is about 10 months old now. He still looks pretty small to me too, although I know he's quite a bit bigger than when I got him. He's been in a 12x12x18 tank, and he's moving around in it quite well. I put a small feeding station up high, and a bigger one toward the bottom of the tank, but I've noticed that he mostly uses the higher one. I may put the bigger feeder up there the next time I clean the tank.

      It sounds like you're doing everything right, just maybe like BigTom said, see if you can up the temperature a little during the day. Your humidity and feeding sounds good. I think because she is small, you don't notice her eating because it's such a small amount. I thought the same thing about mine for quite a while, but now I can see that he's developing more of an appetite. Yours will probably start increasing too in a month or two. Do you add a bit of water to the food on the 2nd night? Sometimes if it gets too dried out they won't eat it.
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