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Gargoyles vs Cresties?

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  • Gargoyles vs Cresties?

    I have a crestie and would like another but I saw gargoyles and wondered if i could keep one in a ten gallon with no heat source (my crestie tank is 75f usually) and feed cgd no live food? Also how hadleable are they?

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    Gargs care are no different then cresties, cept they tend to need thicker branches, and enjoy cork rounds/etc. and they can squish the average plant that a crestie wouldn't.

    Gargs, at least in my experience, tend to be more like lumps rather than spazz sticks like cresties can be. When I take Honey Bear out, she instantly jumps to my shoulder and then just sits there... forever... lol Granted each gecko is different, I've heard from some people who have spazzy gargoyles, but it seems the majority of them are very chill.
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      My gargs have been more "wild" then my cresties and just as likely to leap away as the cresties. Going by what others have said about calm gargs, I haven't had enough of them to say either way and I'm still saying I might have bad luck with their temperaments.

      Some other details:
      -Gargs are more likely to make noises when irritated then cresties.
      -Gargs have bigger and sharp teeth and more likely to draw blood if they ever bite you.
      - Gargs seem hardier and more tolerant of drying out then cresties.
      - Gargs seem to be more likely to hide( more shy/reclusive?) then cresties.
      - Gargs are less common and tend to be more expensive on average then cresties.


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        Gargoyles can get bigger than your average crested gecko--so if your requirement is that they would have to live in a 10 gallon tank, I would recommend against it.

        I got a gargoyle gecko off of craigslist and in his picture, he was being kept in a 12x12x18" tank (10 gallons) and he had terrible rubbing injuries on his horns--he is 75g and 9.5" long so keeping an animal that large in a tank he could barely turn around in was not appropriate.

        I have had him for a few months now in a larger, heavily cork decorated enclosure and his injuries have healed up perfectly.

        Many people will say that they don't "need" live food and while this is true, they don't require live food to stay alive, I have observed that live food such as crickets or dubia are a huge benefit to the animal and will grow much better if offered it. They also utilize the heating pads I provide for them.

        I have some that are very docile, I can reach into the cage and lightly pet them and they won't budge, and one that has never really calmed down after having her for over a year. Depends on the individual!

        If you want another gecko for a 10 gallon, I would say another crested gecko would be good or even a small colony of mourning geckos!

        Hope this helps~