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  • Gargoyles..?

    Hello everyone! I have not been over to "this" side of the forum yet, lol.
    I was just wondering what people think about gargoyle geckos in general. I have been considering one for a while now so, I guess I just wanted to know some opinions.

    1) Do they make good pets, like, are they sociable and have personalities/defined character traits?
    2) Do your gargs bond with you? Do their little faces light up when they see you? Ha ha ha, just jerking.
    3) Is their an obvious choice, male/female wise?
    4) What do you feed yours? MRP and insect wise.
    5) Do they bite..? That probably sounds totally ridiculous, I know, but I heard that they have sharp teeth. Hence being more carnivorous or insectivorous than Crested Geckos. That is like my biggest fear no joke. Ha ha ha...
    6) How big do they get? Do they need a bigger sized cage than the recommended 18" x 18"x 18" (25 gallon) ???

    I know that these are probably ridiculous questions for you guys to answer, sorry, but please give me a little insight here. I am only experienced in cresties but would love to "widen the horizons". I just want to be absolutely sure as I would absolutely hate to be unsure.
    I am prepared to do all the research, as I said, I am just considering it right now. I just really want an overall perspective.
    And if people could send me pictures of their gargoyle set-ups/terrariums that would be AMAZING.
    Again, sorry for all the beginner questions...
    - Hail7ey
    Hailey Rose
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    Gargoyle's, like cresties are solitary creatures so they go about their own business with little regard to those around them. Just like every animal though, they all have their own personalities. I have 3 cresties and my garg and all 4 of them are different from the other. Gender doesn't really matter, but if you don't want to deal with infertile eggs, go male.

    My garg gets the same food as my cresties. Pangea of various flavors. My garg doesnt care at all for insects, but if she did she'd be fed dubia roaches once in awhile, just like my cresties. Their care is identical.

    Gargs, just like cresties, can bite. Some do. I haven't been bitten by my girl yet, but I've heard their bite is a bit stronger, and they can get on the verdge of actually drawing blood. They are a bit bigger than cresties, so it's only normal for them to bite a bit stronger and have bigger teeth. I don't fear their little tiny teeth though. I've been bitten by my cat, horses, and my bird (the worse of them all) and their bites are NOTHING in comparison to having a bird take a chunk of flesh out of your finger @_@

    My full grown female, 65g (weight varies but never drops below 60g, but I've seen her almost hit 70g. just depends on how much she ate and if she's carrying eggs. 65g is her average steady), is in an 18x18x24 and I feel she could probably be happy with something a bit bigger, but she definitely doesn't look to big for the tank. The only difference between cresties and gargs is that gargs need thicker branches, and stronger plants. They are heavier and will squash frail plants and won't feel comfortable on thin twigs.

    No question is ridiculous, except questions that are never asked.

    I personally enjoy my gargoyle girl over my cresties. She's very chill and when i take her out she'll literally just jump to my shoulder and stay there, forever if I'd let her hahaha.

    I have pics of her on my instagram, and her tank setup now is the very first pic on the page:

    more pics of her are here:
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      Ha ha ha, thanks. I know all of these were answered on the Pangea website (well, most of em') but I just wanted to be extra sure. I think for sure maybe after Christmas (all that money, ha ha ha) I will be purchasing one. I just LOVE the way they look, ha ha ha. They seem pretty cool too and their care is relatively the same as cresties so that is a huge plus!
      Thanks though!
      - Hail7ey
      Hailey Rose
      1.0 Correlophus Ciliatus ~ Gobi
      0.1 Maltese/Terrier ~ Mazy
      1.0 Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu ~ Milo