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  • leachie growth rates

    does anyone have a chart showing the typical weight of leachies for their age? My leachie was born late august, and is very plump right now, I measured him/her earlier this month and it was at 12 grams, which i believe is good for four months. I am more just curious, and it would be fun to compare to.

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    Depends greatly on what locale they are from, and even then some can be better eaters than others. They can also go through intermittent growth spurts, if your guy is eating, pooping, and gaining in some way I wouldn't be worried. Leachies usually are kept in a little more cramped enclosures as little ones than if you used equivalent crestie weights, if in too large of an enclosure they don't gain well. Also, feeling really secure is important. They usually like cork bark vertical on the sides, and blacking out some sides with paper on the outside can help also.

    I don't think there is an actual chart out there, but here are some of mine showing weights at 4 mo and 5 mo to get an idea of differences in gain.

    Nuu Ana male - 18.4 (4mo), 21.6 (5 mo)
    GTB female - 16.2 (4mo), 27.8 (5 mo)
    GTB male - 15.2 (4mo)
    Mt. Koghis male - 22.7 (4 mo), 29.2 (5 mo)

    My Nuu Ana boy, Blast, ate like such a piggy when I first got him and has since slowed down on the growth rate. He may be on the heavier side at that 4 mo mark than usual for that locale, Nuu Anas are one of the smallest leachies. The GTBs are usually smaller of the GTs and bigger than islands, but my one girl Cosmid cleans her plate a ton and her rate of growth as a youngster has been pretty quick. The Mt. Koghis guy, Markov, comes from pretty giant parents, and while bigger, has shown a more moderate and consistent weight increase rather than the spurts and plateaus of some of the others.

    And if you have pics, I would love to see your little one!
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