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  • New Gargoyle Gecko Owner, Questions

    I just got a gargoyle gecko, i had done research before getting one for a couple of months but i have some questions.
    1. Can they drink bottled water? I live in Naples FL, is it okay to give it the tap water?
    2. Whenever i mist his tank it goes into the 90s, it that okay? Anyways, after a while it dries out and he is left without water on the leaves but the hygrometer is at 75 so i don't know what to do. (I have a water dish be he doesn't use it.)
    3. If they don't have a ledge feeder will they eat of a dish on the ground?
    4. He is a baby so i'm wondering if he is okay in an 18x18x24 or if he should be in a smaller tank temporarily?

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    1: I would never use tap water for my geckos, tap water has chlorine and floride in it in almost every city which I don't deem safe for animals to consume, WE shouldn't even be drinking that stuff. Bottled water for mixing food and spraying.

    2: you want the humidity to go between 80-100% after a mist, and then drop to 50-60% by the end of the day before re-misting.

    3: They will, I prefer ledge feeders, just because I feel it makes them more secure. The higher they are the more safe they feel.

    4: If he's under 10 grams, even a 12x12x18 is far too big for him. If he's under 10 grams I'd house him in a large Kritter Keeper until he grows more, then move him into a tank similar to a 12x12x18. If you don't want to do multiple tank upgrades, you can purchase sterlite tubs from walmart, etc. and modify them a bit to house your gecko in.
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