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  • Morph ID help?

    Hello! I am soon going to have a beautiful male garg and I would love help on his morph! thank u!

    I was told he was a Phantom but his eyes r kinda light for a phantom maybe idk thank u!
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    Hi I don't claim to be great at morphs
    but he looks like a super stripe to me??
    In the first photo he looked like black & white but might be yellow
    I think from the later photos if you look at his underside this would be clearer if he is yellow rather than white.
    , looking again maybe yellow.

    How old is he?
    there can be quite a number of variations 're iris colour.
    The phantom trait mainly has a black iris but a juvenile can start off with just a slightly darker iris than usual but the iris is found to darken with age?
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      Hi friskyfrisk
      I just noted the morph guide at the top of the listing for 'gargoyles & other rhac' this might be helpful for you when clarifying or deciding upon your gargoyles morph.
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        that's a super stripe :P

        as for being a 'phantom', i have no idea. I've never heard of that as a morph for a garg so yeah. but def. a super stripe.
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