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Gargoyles Brumating or bad food?

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  • Gargoyles Brumating or bad food?

    Hello everyone!

    This is my first winter with my gargoyles (I got one in March and the other in October) and they've both stopped eating this past week, week-and-a-half. This time period also co-insides with opening a new package of Pangea mix so I'm wondering if something may be wrong with the mix or could they going into brumation?

    Do Gargoyles even do that and if so, what should I do? Should I just order a new bag of food to see if that is the issue first? Has anyone ever had an issue with the food before?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Is it a different flavor than they're used to?
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      Nope, same flavor (the one with insects).


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        it could be that the weather is cooling down. My garg goes thru a week in a half or 2 of very little to no food at all, and then one night she'll just gorge herself and practically clean her bowl, then go back to no food for 1-2 weeks. lol Only happens during the winter months, during warmer months she eats less, but regularly.

        I'd offer it a few more times to see if her appetite changes. It's not unheard for there to be a 'bad batch' so to speak, but I've never had an issue with the Pangea diets.
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          Hi not had any issues with Pangea.
          Maybe u could get another bag & try that but I think it would be unlikely that there's an issue with the Pangea providing bag was sealed when you got it. Maybe try an alternative flavour then if that's taken use that for a week before going back to you other bag.
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            Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions! I got a new bag of Pangea and my older gecko has gone back to eating like normal, but my newest addition is still not really eating (It's been about a week since I got the new bag). It doesn't seem to be loosing weight (I have been weighing it), so I'm not sure what's going on with it.


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              I'm used to gargoyles eating anything and everything, and this last summer I picked up a beautiful red and orange striped boy who is my first very picky gargoyle! He didn't eat for nearly a *month*.

              I had to rotate through every Pangea and Repashy variety before finally he took some of the Pangea watermelon. Since then, I've been able to get him to take most of the Pangea diets and even sometimes some with Repashy mixed in. But he still will not touch bugs, and does not eat as much as my other gargs (who would basically chug their food until they exploded if they could).

              I have one or two who slow down in eating this time of year naturally, but they never stop eating.

              What kind of enclosure is your picky new guy in? I had to set mine up in an opaque tub with a LOT of foliage covering the branches. And he curls up and away in a corkbark tube as soon as the lights come on, and until well after they are out.

              So I would say, make sure this picky fellow is in an enclosure it feels secure in, try lots of different foods, and make sure he's defecating. If he is eating a bit and defecating normally without losing weight, IMO he's fine.